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Penguins catch fish

Description :

The game consists of three parts:
door 1: mice eat fruit
door 2: bats eat fruit and worm
door 3: Penguins go fishing and eat
How to play:
door 1: You starred the mouse eat fruit. when you see fruit you press the low or high jump jumping to eat. when you see the lake you have to jump through if not you will die. you must jump mine or you will die. when you eat enough you will via door 500
door 2: You starred of bats go eat fruit and the worm. when the you see your fruit and the worm control press the button to eat fruit to eat the worm vice versa. you must avoid the stones if you collide with a rock you will die. When you enough points you will via door 500
door 3: You starred the penguins go catch fish to eat. you press the control keys for move. you will eat the fish, you have to avoid seals that and jellyfish if collide you will die. When you enough points you will via door 500
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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : thanhly
Current Version : 1
Size : 26.8M
Reviews : 2
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