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Description :

Rocket to the finish line in Turbo FAST, the top mobile racing game!

Challenge your friends for slick shell upgrades and delicious tomato prize pools!

Head down to the Garage where Tito will show you the ropes and help you trick-out your own sweet ride!

Race, drift, slide and jump your way to the top of the Leaderboards!

Get special premium racers Turbo and the rest of the Fast Action Stunt Team!


• 13 unique race tracks to test your skills
• Challenge Mode: go head to head against your friends to win delicious tomatoes!
• Special Race Events: Time Trials, Limited Fuel, Slalom and Rival Races
• Thousands of performance & design combinations: Shell upgrades, new paint jobs and neon glows
• Pre-race mods enable you to improve your performance with things like extra speed, fuel and time
• Ability to record your greatest race moments, watch on instant replay and share with your friends
• Optional Facebook and Twitter posting to show off your tricked-out shell and best scores
• Leaderboards show how you rank amongst your friends and all the top players

Visit teamturbofast.com for extra features and to view the hit series Turbo FAST on Netflix!

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Video :

Turbo-FASTTurbo-FAST 1Turbo-FAST 2Turbo-FAST 3Turbo-FAST 4Turbo-FAST 5Turbo-FAST 6Turbo-FAST 7Turbo-FAST 8Turbo-FAST 9Turbo-FAST 10Turbo-FAST 11Turbo-FAST 12Turbo-FAST 13Turbo-FAST 14Turbo-FAST 15Turbo-FAST 16Turbo-FAST 17Turbo-FAST 18Turbo-FAST 19Turbo-FAST 20Turbo-FAST 21Turbo-FAST 22Turbo-FAST 23Turbo-FAST 24Turbo-FAST 25Turbo-FAST 26Turbo-FAST 27Turbo-FAST 28Turbo-FAST 29Turbo-FAST 30Turbo-FAST 31Turbo-FAST 32Turbo-FAST 33Turbo-FAST 34

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-02-10
Developer : PIKPOK
Current Version : 2.1
Size : 98.2M
Reviews : 8.3
Installs : 20685
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