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Galactic Core Free Wallpaper

Description :

A stunning live wallpaper featuring a rotating spiral galaxy! The perspective shifts as you touch the screen! Rendered in OpenGL, Galactic Core works on phones or tablets, and fully supports both portrait and landscape views. Galactic Core also is also a fully functional Daydream on 4.2+ devices!

If you enjoy this, please purchase the full version so we can keep making these! The full version has an extensive settings screen with lots of options, including alternate visual themes, orientation sensor usage, framerate control, rotation and camera speeds, and more!

TO USE: Home->Long Press->Live Wallpapers

Video :

Galactic-Core-Free-WallpaperGalactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 1Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 2Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 3Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 4Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 5Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 6Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 7Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 8Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 9Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 10Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 11Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 12Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 13Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 14Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 15Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 16Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 17Galactic-Core-Free-Wallpaper 18

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-02-10
Developer : Kittehface Software
Current Version : 2.41
Size : 853.2K
Reviews : 9
Installs : 20685
Google Play Link: Link
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