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Super Clock Wallpaper Free

Description :

Super Clock Wallpaper Light is the ultimate clock Live Wallpaper.

It displays the Time and Date, and you can apply your own images and photos as backgrounds or, if you prefer a more minimal look, set a background color.

Supports both 24h and AM/PM clock modes, and if you like, you can hide text in lockscreen.

It is designed both for Phones and for Tablets. Android 4.4 KitKat is completely supported.

Super Clock Wallpaper is studied to be featherweight and keeps your battery life safe, also it is optimized to work with every display resolution, with complete support for HD and FullHD tablets.

The Clock is currently displayed in English, French, German, Italian, Portoguese or Spanish.

With Super Clock Wallpaper you can unleash your creativity and give your phone a unique and personal look!

- If you want to see the Live Wallpaper in action, take a look to the related video!! -

Video :

Super-Clock-Wallpaper-FreeSuper-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 1Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 2Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 3Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 4Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 5Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 6Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 7Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 8Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 9Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 10Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 11Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 12Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 13Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 14Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 15Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 16Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 17Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 18Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 19Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 20Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 21Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 22Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 23Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 24Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 25Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 26Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 27Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 28Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 29Super-Clock-Wallpaper-Free 30

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-02-10
Developer : Mariux
Current Version : 2.0.3
Size : 1.2M
Reviews : 6.9
Installs : 33754
Google Play Link: Link
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