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FxCamera - a free camera app

Description :

FxCamera is a free, easy and creative camera app. With over 30 filters to choose from,
we will assure you that every photo will turn out to be your favorite.All of your photos taken can be shared amongst your friends and can you can interact
with people all over the world!☆Voices from the media
"You can get pretty creative with everything this app has to offer" makeuseof
"FxCamera is a must have camera- app for Android users!" andronavi☆Great amount of effects
There are over 30 different filters to choose from- take vibrant photos ( look like lomo photography ) using Toy camera or even take instant looking photos using Instant.☆Share your photos
Can instantly share your photos through your FxCamera friends. Also, instant sharing through
Facebook and Twitter
-Tag all of your Photos
-Repost your friend's photo
-Upload unlimited amounts of photos
-Comment and favorite your friends photos☆Search for Photos
You can now search for any photos through hashtags. You can now “favorite” your photos and leave comments on photos as a source of communication.
-Search for tags
-Search for usernames ☆FxCamera has everything you need for a camera app!
- Enlarge photos and crop rectangular
- Field blur let you edit like photo by single lens reflex camera
- Auto adjust makes photo look clear ( good for selfie ), even HDR by multiple times of auto adjust
- Free custom designed filters and background colors
- Has in camera, flash, timer, and auto-focus
- Shortcut- Can choose an camera mode and can instantly just have your photo ready
- Import function from your camera roll. Can change your original photo using any of our filters.☆About FxCamera
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fxcamera
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FxCamera--------
Any questions or issues please fill out the form down below.
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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-02-10
Developer : Bitcellar, Inc.
Current Version : 3.5.3
Size : 24.6M
Reviews : 8.8
Installs : 23118
Google Play Link: Link
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