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Chaos Dynasty

Description :

☆Super Skill Combos! Special skills to select!
Recruit hundreds of ultimate Three Kingdom Warriors

☆Real PK with strategies
Collect generals in your HQ. Explore for more treasures and fight for your own faction! Experience EPIC Online fun and interact with other players.

Extreme SLG strategy game. 5 reason to download it now:
☆ Classical battles back in Three Kingdom ☆ 
☆ Collection of hundreds mighty warriors ☆ 
☆ Set your team’s formation and enjoy strategy fight ☆ 
☆ Join the Faction War and raid your opponents ☆ 
☆Team up and discover in plentiful events ☆

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Chaos-DynastyChaos-Dynasty 1Chaos-Dynasty 2Chaos-Dynasty 3Chaos-Dynasty 4Chaos-Dynasty 5Chaos-Dynasty 6Chaos-Dynasty 7Chaos-Dynasty 8Chaos-Dynasty 9Chaos-Dynasty 10Chaos-Dynasty 11Chaos-Dynasty 12Chaos-Dynasty 13Chaos-Dynasty 14Chaos-Dynasty 15Chaos-Dynasty 16Chaos-Dynasty 17Chaos-Dynasty 18Chaos-Dynasty 19Chaos-Dynasty 20Chaos-Dynasty 21Chaos-Dynasty 22Chaos-Dynasty 23Chaos-Dynasty 24Chaos-Dynasty 25Chaos-Dynasty 26Chaos-Dynasty 27Chaos-Dynasty 28

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Kingnet
Current Version : 1.0.5
Size : 89.8M
Reviews : 8.2
Installs : 23937
Google Play Link: Link
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