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Commando Striker Run

Description :

Commando Striker Run is a latest action game in the android play store. The only surviving commando has to run for his safety. He is the only survival from his troupe. In order to survive he has to run a long stretch of ramble road with full of bomb trap.

Commando Striker Run has to collect the stray bullet for him to stay in the running game. The commando has to avoid the bomb and other dangerous obstacle.

Let’s help the Commando Striker Run by downloading this free app and have fun helping the surviving commando to run and avoiding the traps that awaiting him. To stay with the game you have to help commando to collect as many stray bullet to gain hi-score.

The game futures:

Beautiful background graphic and sound effect.
Collect more stray bullet to gain point.
Try to avoid the bomb trap and the rolling rock to advance.

Download now and enjoy the free game.

Have Fun!!!

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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : chicco21
Current Version : 1.0.0
Size : 12.7M
Reviews : 9
Installs : 30642
Google Play Link: Link
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