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Dinosaurs vs Volcanoes FREE

Description :

The world is ending and the dinosaurs are fighting back! It is your quest to defend three volcanoes from the wrath of the dinosaurs in Dinosaurs vs Volcanoes!

The game is simple... A flock of pterodactyls are flying past your three volcanoes and hurling ice balls at them in an attempt to stop your fiery explosions. Touch any of your three volcanoes to cause a huge explosion that will destroy the ice balls! If one of your volcanoes is hit by an ice ball, it will deactivate and sink to the bottom of the screen. But if your sunken volcano is hit by a fireball, your volcano will reactivate and can once again be used!

Make extra sure you do not hit a fireball with a volcanic explosion... or it will cause an explosion so big that your volcano will be destroyed beyond repair! Once all three of your volcanoes are either destroyed or deactivated, then the game is over.

You will gain 2 points for every ice ball you destroy, and you will lose one point every time you explode your volcano... so don't spam your volcano or you will lose points. Only use your volcano at the precise moment to destroy an ice ball.

Your high score will save automatically, so try to beat your own high score. Now defend your volcanoes in... Dinosaurs vs Volcanoes!

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Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Hollow Rock Entertainment
Current Version : 1.0.0
Size : 12.2M
Reviews : 6.2
Installs : 35616
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