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Dogfight Against Aliens

Description :

Lord was indeed merciful... Without any interruption, Human race thrived in this part of universe for so long! Though humans were not very just creatures and despite it’s been 2048, but we could not bridge gap between elites and common man on blue planet. Even till this date when this dogfight against aliens is soon to begun, we were largely divided and opposed to each other on basis of caste, creed, religion, language, skin color and what not!

Suddenly lord posed challenge against humans like never before... Aliens from far galaxies who observed our planet for years and planned to conquer it to ensure their superiority and existence. Suddenly this evening our satellites with deep space probes alarmed us that thousands of alien spaceships are coming towards planet earth at supersonic speed and it’s the first time we will see aliens about whom we do not know anything! We were so busy fighting each other, we did not do enough study of space. We thought our life on earth is the only life and things will keep moving as it is forever.

Evening of 2048 has come with the biggest challenge, earthlings have ever faced. We are going to face thousands of aliens about whom we do not know anything. This dogfight against aliens can be last lethal fight. We do not have any idea about their technological advancements and their intentions. We have caught by surprise and they have done at least some study of us before trying to invade us. Only option we have left is just to resist them with our force if possible.

World leaders called immediate meeting and decided to fight back alien spaceships individually from space stations owned by their countries. There was simply no time left to discuss about group strategy or doing teamwork. And what an irony! - Even till this moment - countries on earth did not enjoy comfortable relationship to do something in team against aliens.

The biggest problem with this sudden strike of aliens was - it can bring end to human civilization or earthlings may become slave to aliens. It was high possibility that if humans do not win this war, it could be their last fight in history. Even thinking about such fate was so frightening, yet there was no option but to retaliate with full force and enter martyrdom to save human race.

So get ready to shoot down alien ships attacking from all directions. You need to save your space station from these aliens and make sure you eliminate each of them to ensure at least one more day of existence to your fellow earthlings. So fight bravo fight... Sacrifice yourself of survive in dogfight against aliens.


★ Ultra Realistic Cool Space Physics

★ Lead Different Space Fighters

★ Amazing 3 Dimensional Graphics

★ Mesmerizing Sound Effects

★ Highly Engaging Warzone Game Play

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