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Drive Thru Supermarket Shooter

Description :

Become a mad city gangster and attack supermarket with your gang. Kill security guards and get out safely. Escape the chasing police cars and reach safe house in Drive Thru Supermarket Shooter.

Join underworld mafia in crime city and plan to attack supermarket. Lead squad of killers and attack supermarket. Use automatic rifles and kill security guards. Steal the cash from cash register and escape before cops arrive. Police cars will chase you in traffic filled streets; escape hot pursuit and reach safe house. Don’t get caught in traffic or you will be arrested and lose mission. Show extreme driving skills in mad city to get out alive in police motorcycle chase. Cop cars are flying on streets trying to arrest you. Show crazy drifting skills to escape the impossible scenario. Be accurate like sniper marksman in supermarket to survive against enemies. Lead your army of gangsta and kill security guards in american gangster game.

You have played grand gangster and auto theft games, now play mad city gangster shooter. Show that you are a real gangster and attack super market in grand city. Drive thug car with your crew and attack with rifles in shooting simulator. Police vehicles will chase you inside the supermarket so drive like a pro driver to escape. Maneuver mobster car around traffic in city streets and reach destination in police shooter simulator. This crazy drive-by shooting game will turn you into real bandit in san andreas.

Drive Thru Supermarket Shooter Features:
10 exciting levels to challenge you
Squad of 4 gangsters with automatic weapons
Realistic supermarket and open world environment
Immersive 3D graphics and real life sounds
Intuitive controls for precision shooting and driving

Download Drive Thru Supermarket Shooter now to become an american gangster trying to escape cop cars.

Drive-Thru-Supermarket-ShooterDrive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 1Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 2Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 3Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 4Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 5Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 6Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 7Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 8Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 9Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 10Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 11Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 12Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 13Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 14Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 15Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 16Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 17Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 18Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 19Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 20Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 21Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 22Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 23Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 24Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 25Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 26Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 27Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 28Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 29Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 30Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 31Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 32Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 33Drive-Thru-Supermarket-Shooter 34

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Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Wacky Studios -Parking, Racing & Talking 3D Games
Current Version : 1.0
Size : 46.0M
Reviews : 6.9
Installs : 50754
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