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Frog Massacre

Description :

Frog Massacre is a game where you have to fight an invasion of frogs.

You'll have to use your reflexes to remove all the frogs with your knife while avoiding the bombs, if you accidentally detonated a bomb, you will die.

All frogs you miss you will lose energy. Hearts, will allow you to recover energy.

The objective of the game is to make the highest score.

Feel free to keep your knife in hand to slash maximum frogs.

Frog-MassacreFrog-Massacre 1Frog-Massacre 2Frog-Massacre 3Frog-Massacre 4Frog-Massacre 5Frog-Massacre 6Frog-Massacre 7Frog-Massacre 8Frog-Massacre 9Frog-Massacre 10Frog-Massacre 11Frog-Massacre 12Frog-Massacre 13Frog-Massacre 14Frog-Massacre 15Frog-Massacre 16Frog-Massacre 17Frog-Massacre 18Frog-Massacre 19Frog-Massacre 20Frog-Massacre 21Frog-Massacre 22Frog-Massacre 23Frog-Massacre 24Frog-Massacre 25Frog-Massacre 26Frog-Massacre 27Frog-Massacre 28

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Current Version : 1.0
Size : 28.1M
Reviews : 4.9
Installs : 43423
Google Play Link: Link
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