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Geo-Invasion : Tower Defense

Description :

Geometric Invasion is a fast paced and classically styled tower defense that will punish the weak while rewarding those who think fast and spend resources wisely.

Featuring 5 tactically distinct towers, 16 enemies with unique features and a large (and growing!) selection of maps to challenge all skill levels. There are currently 48 maps. Some are really hard, but it is possible to out think them all!

There are no payments required. Only skill can beat this game.

If you are still reading; sthap! Try the game. It's free!

Geometric Invasion : Tower Defense version 1.6 recently released with even more maps!

Video :

GeoInvasion-Tower-DefenseGeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 1GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 2GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 3GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 4GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 5GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 6GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 7GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 8GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 9GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 10GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 11GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 12GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 13GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 14GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 15GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 16GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 17GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 18GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 19GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 20GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 21GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 22GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 23GeoInvasion-Tower-Defense 24

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Tiakat
Current Version : 1.7
Size : 5.1M
Reviews : 8.9
Installs : 47570
Google Play Link: Link
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