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Invaders TD

Description :

Command an orbital planetary defence platform. Build, upgrade and shoot down the incoming waves of Invaders.
Each Invader has a different behaviour and your weapons all have different abilities. Choose the right combination
of weapons to defeat each mission and wave of Invaders.

Features of Invaders TD:-

* Many types of Invaders including Reapers, Gatherers, Banshees and Brains to name but a few.
* More invaders added on each new release
* Weapons include Pulse lasers, Photon bolts, Cobalt Beams and Rockets.
* More weapons to come in future updates.
* Fast Paced Tower Defence game against Invaders from Space.

Invaders-TDInvaders-TD 1Invaders-TD 2Invaders-TD 3Invaders-TD 4Invaders-TD 5Invaders-TD 6Invaders-TD 7Invaders-TD 8Invaders-TD 9Invaders-TD 10Invaders-TD 11Invaders-TD 12Invaders-TD 13Invaders-TD 14Invaders-TD 15Invaders-TD 16

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-10
Developer : QED Gaming Ltd.
Current Version : 1.3.0
Size : 11.8M
Reviews : 10
Installs : 38107
Google Play Link: Link
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