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Kung Fu Little Fighters

Description :

Kung fu little fighters is a full team action pack game. It has 6 stages with lots of bad guys.
An action pack game with lots of fire power and Ki attacks.
Total of 5 fighting characters.
Jon (The Hero of our game)
Don (Evil brother of Jon)
Dark Don (Don Transformed)
Tia (The Awesome Girl Power)
King of Fighters Krio (The Outlaw Hero)
If you can punch your way out of them then you could be fighting a fully charged evil Monster side of yours. The big boss is waiting for you at the end of every Stage.
Do not go and fight the bad guys all alone, take your friends and command them to do the right thing.
Punch and Destroy every one on your way.
Your Power Ki will clash now so make sure you are not in the other’s way.
2 types of Powers, Small power and Big power. Keep an eye on Power Meter. Once its full you can
release the Big Powers.
You can play this game like any other tower of defence game. Defend yourself and keep yourself out
of danger. Be Tactical in every move. You can kick or you can punch like a Boxing your way out.
Kung Fu Little Fighters is a fighting game which gives 5 choosable characters. Let your Fatal side out. Show your Fury to everyone. Wrestle your way through lots of Bad Cops or Bad Little Fighters.
A Story Adventure where you and your 4 team members get to fight against the bad cops.
1 Unlockable character Krio.
You can see Krio in action during the fight. As he will be part of your team against the Bad Cops.
The Kung Fu Street Fight Boxing has one on one fight mode, but this game takes you to another level.
It provides 5 against 100s of other bad Opponents.
This is a demo version. We will be brining in more powers, more opponents, more boss fights, more Action.

Keep playing this game, and keep supporting us.
King of fighters Krio is the best fighter we have right now.
There are lots to come in , Super Jon, Evil Krio, Evil Tia, Bandits, Knights, FireZii .
This game is going to blow your mind. For Future we are planning to bring in following things:
Multiplayer Fight game. Your team will be real fighters on other devices on Bluetooth.
Player will have Jetpack and you can Dash against any enemy and fling them away.
There will be Kings in every Stage. If you win a stage you will be the next King of the stage. Then there will be Clash of Kings fighters.

Hope you enjoy this wonderful game.
This Kung fu game is for your Enjoyment and Entertainment. Kids should not try to imitate Kungfu stunts hows in this game. Fireballs, Ice attacks are not real.
Copyrights notice: This game does not imitate Little Fighter PC game and it doesn't contain any Dragon ball related content.The characters are totally intellectual property of Gamer-Z . Enjoy your game, fight hard
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Kung-Fu-Little-FightersKung-Fu-Little-Fighters 1Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 2Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 3Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 4Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 5Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 6Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 7Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 8Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 9Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 10Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 11Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 12Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 13Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 14Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 15Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 16Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 17Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 18Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 19Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 20Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 21Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 22Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 23Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 24Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 25Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 26Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 27Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 28Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 29Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 30Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 31Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 32Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 33Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 34Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 35Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 36Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 37Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 38Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 39Kung-Fu-Little-Fighters 40

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