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Mers Attack

Description :

Will begin raiding suddenly appeared Mers!
Contact with Homers Heroes can not survive .
You can only operate hero by simply touching the screen .
Nameuseyo damage the raid alive Homers !
Mers-AttackMers-Attack 1Mers-Attack 2Mers-Attack 3Mers-Attack 4Mers-Attack 5Mers-Attack 6Mers-Attack 7Mers-Attack 8Mers-Attack 9Mers-Attack 10Mers-Attack 11Mers-Attack 12Mers-Attack 13Mers-Attack 14Mers-Attack 15Mers-Attack 16Mers-Attack 17Mers-Attack 18Mers-Attack 19Mers-Attack 20Mers-Attack 21Mers-Attack 22

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : showtime
Current Version : 1.0.4
Size : 24.0M
Reviews : 6.6
Installs : 25509
Google Play Link: Link
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