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Planet Surfer

Description :

Get amped up for a deep-space puzzle adventure experience like no other! Planet Surfer is the latest release from The Mascoteers and it’s all about quick wits, split-second decisions and rocket-ships - truly a match made in heaven!

Interplanetary exploration is the name of the game - the further you travel through space, the higher your score becomes. The goal is to successfully jump from planet to planet before they are out of reach, avoiding obstacles in the way and doing so before the planet shrinks down to an unworkable size.

Timing is key here and navigating your way through space junk, other rocket ships and ‘dead’ planets quickly becomes a challenge not every space adventurer is cut out for.

Collect star fragments for analysis along the way and pick up extra points, but be careful because going after them in the wrong situation can cost you your life. Also keep in mind that you never know what the far reaches of the galaxy hold, so always be on guard for strange phenomenon.

If you like a quick, intense fast-paced brand of smartphone apps, you’re going to love Planet Surfer! Download for free today and let the deep space fun begin!

• This app may require read and write permissions to your storage for score share feature

Planet-SurferPlanet-Surfer 1Planet-Surfer 2Planet-Surfer 3Planet-Surfer 4Planet-Surfer 5Planet-Surfer 6Planet-Surfer 7Planet-Surfer 8Planet-Surfer 9Planet-Surfer 10Planet-Surfer 11Planet-Surfer 12Planet-Surfer 13Planet-Surfer 14Planet-Surfer 15Planet-Surfer 16Planet-Surfer 17Planet-Surfer 18Planet-Surfer 19Planet-Surfer 20Planet-Surfer 21Planet-Surfer 22Planet-Surfer 23Planet-Surfer 24Planet-Surfer 25Planet-Surfer 26Planet-Surfer 27Planet-Surfer 28Planet-Surfer 29Planet-Surfer 30Planet-Surfer 31Planet-Surfer 32Planet-Surfer 33Planet-Surfer 34

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Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : WebAlive
Current Version : 1.5.0
Size : 18.3M
Reviews : 6.7
Installs : 28503
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