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Sniper Shooter Apples 3D

Description :

Unlock your inner elite commando and increase your Sniper skills by training on the apples on the statue. No enemy yet, your targets are apples in multiple levels; This Sniper challenge will give you a chance to increase your shooting talents to a whole new level. You will feel like an army black ops operative but fun part is your objectives are to piece and chop the Apples. Earn points in coins while playing Apple Sniper 3D Challenge, and elevate your sniping skills. In This battle with apples, Targets are still as well as moving and get difficult as the levels get unlocked. Use your patience and persistent to complete the game and enjoy popping fruits all over the place.This Apple Sniper 3D Challenges first person shooter is your way of releasing routine stress without hurting anyone around, and top of that you can chose between different Snipers guns available. Avoid hitting the statue otherwise your will be a bust, and you have to start the level again.The Game play is very interesting and intriguing conceptually, which will divulge its player till the end. 3 D Environment with smooth control of the aim and Gun itself. Separate aiming and firing buttons which are easy to navigate in between.Features:
• Smooth moving Sniper Rifle
• Easy to use and maneuver
• Pleasing 3D Environment
• No Complicated instructions
• Multiple guns to pick from
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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Apptish LLC
Current Version : 1.0
Size : 31.1M
Reviews : 6.3
Installs : 25197
Google Play Link: Link
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