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Sniper vs Zombies

Description :

"Sniper vs Zombies" features:

• Realistic gameplay mechanics of sniper genre games, adapted for a mobile

• Moving enemies and different bullet velocities give players a real challenge, with extra rewards for clean headshots and zombie killing sprees.

• Your mission is to kill as many zombies as you can in each round and to prevent them from entering the safe zone.

• Reach higher levels to encounter new types of zombies, and improve on your previous high scores!

Sniper-vs-ZombiesSniper-vs-Zombies 1Sniper-vs-Zombies 2Sniper-vs-Zombies 3Sniper-vs-Zombies 4Sniper-vs-Zombies 5Sniper-vs-Zombies 6Sniper-vs-Zombies 7Sniper-vs-Zombies 8Sniper-vs-Zombies 9Sniper-vs-Zombies 10Sniper-vs-Zombies 11Sniper-vs-Zombies 12Sniper-vs-Zombies 13Sniper-vs-Zombies 14Sniper-vs-Zombies 15Sniper-vs-Zombies 16Sniper-vs-Zombies 17Sniper-vs-Zombies 18Sniper-vs-Zombies 19Sniper-vs-Zombies 20Sniper-vs-Zombies 21Sniper-vs-Zombies 22

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Black Bullet Games
Current Version : 1.5
Size : 20.9M
Reviews : 8.7
Installs : 32718
Google Play Link: Link
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