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Supermarket Jumper

Description :

Supermarket Jumper is a fun, addictive, side-scrolling game, where you play as a rebellious employee who wishes to get his managers into trouble. The idea is simple, you run down aisles of the supermarket, jumping over as much waste as possible. Not picking up waste will rack up fines for the company, making the managers very angry. Watch out though, picking up too much waste will save too much money and you'll put them in a good mood; you don't want that! ;) Just don't get caught dodging waste, or you'll be toast!

Please note that Supermarket Jumper is currently in early alpha and is therefore incomplete. All elements of the game are subject to change and many new features and levels will be added as development progresses.

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Video :

Supermarket-JumperSupermarket-Jumper 1Supermarket-Jumper 2Supermarket-Jumper 3Supermarket-Jumper 4Supermarket-Jumper 5Supermarket-Jumper 6Supermarket-Jumper 7Supermarket-Jumper 8Supermarket-Jumper 9Supermarket-Jumper 10Supermarket-Jumper 11Supermarket-Jumper 12Supermarket-Jumper 13Supermarket-Jumper 14Supermarket-Jumper 15Supermarket-Jumper 16Supermarket-Jumper 17Supermarket-Jumper 18Supermarket-Jumper 19Supermarket-Jumper 20Supermarket-Jumper 21Supermarket-Jumper 22Supermarket-Jumper 23Supermarket-Jumper 24Supermarket-Jumper 25Supermarket-Jumper 26Supermarket-Jumper 27Supermarket-Jumper 28Supermarket-Jumper 29Supermarket-Jumper 30Supermarket-Jumper 31Supermarket-Jumper 32

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Larvaa Gaming Productions
Current Version : 0.4.1
Size : 23.6M
Reviews : 4.3
Installs : 36446
Google Play Link: Link
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