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Thunder Treasure Surfer

Description :

Get ready to challenge yourself to the latest innovation of Surf games! Show off your scores to your angry friends! Swing into action to help Stella explore the hidden temple on foot while dodging trains & obstacles while collecting rare artifacts! Can you reach the secret Copter level?Download the super hit Thunder Treasure Surfer today! Think you've seen it all? Thunder Treasure Surfer will definitely prove you wrong!★★★★★ EXPLORE various locales - Subways, Temples, Tunnels via bird's eye
★★★★★ FASTEST ever - Thunderous speed! Can you help Stella keep up?
★★★★★ BEAUTIFUL - Unbelievable graphics on your Android device!
★★★★★ SEXY protagonist - Who doesn't want to help a damsel in distress?
★★★★★ ACTION - Non stop action that will keep you on your toes! Power your way through!
★★★★★ SECRET - Do you think you can discover the secret Copter level? It will be worth your while!
★★★★★ DODGE - Race past obstacles like a ninja before you go boom! This will be the last SURF game you will ever need!How to play:
Tilt your device to dodge the obstacles while collecting treasures.
Tap the lightning to speed up - can you take the heat?
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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-02-13
Developer : Gab Game Studios
Current Version : 2.3
Size : 5.7M
Reviews : 6.5
Installs : 33884
Google Play Link: Link
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