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Vampire Vs Fruit

Description :

This vampire is crazy about fruits. He loves fruits. Wherever he finds fruits this vampire cannot control himself from hitting on those delicious fruits. The vampire is so hungry. To appease his hunger he needs to eat fruits now. He found lots of fruits piled in the farm. This vampire has so strong axe. He hits on the fruits with his strong axe, and starts smashing it. Vampire hits the lowest part and smashes that into pieces. Then the upper fruit falls down and he hits that again and smashes that too. This game keeps going on like this. Break the fruits into pieces one by one. Have fun in this game of Vampire vs Fruits.
But be aware!!! It’s not as easy as it seems. Its vampire vs fruits. These fruits have lethal dangers also. These dangers could kill vampire at once. There are two lethal hazards for the fruit lover.
First is time. Yes, the time is draining. Vampire should keep striking and cutting fruits one by one. Don’t stop, don’t rest. Just keep striking and smashing because time is draining. If vampire stops, the time will drain out and the animal dies!!! So keep cutting the fruits and earn more time. If you keep hitting the fruits, you will earn more time for you.
Second hazard is lethal fruits branches. These branches are not alone. They have dangerous and lethal branches. When the lower fruit is destroyed the upper fruit falls down, and with this falls the dangerous branches too. This can hit the vampire and kill him instantly. So always keep an eye on the lethal branches.
♦ Endless gameplay
♦ Cool Graphics Along With An Awesome Cartoon Style Character
♦ Cute & Nice Environment
♦ Sweet Background Music
♦ Nice Sound Effects
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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Rabbit Apps
Current Version : 1.0
Size : 5.4M
Reviews : 5
Installs : 41955
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