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Wars of Fortune

Description :

Wars of Fortune is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game (MMORPG) in a rich fantasy world of fabled heroes and terrifying monsters. Note: This game is intended mainly for core RPG players, if looking for hack and slash please look elsewhere!Choose your character among Barbarian, Paladin, Ranger, Necromancer, Wizard and Rogue. Battle thousands of other players and hosts of fantasy Monsters in your quest for fame and fortune. Create a Guild and invite your friends to play together. Gain experience, fame and treasure to advance in ranks and levels and improve your character’s abilities. Combine some of the 48 Unique Boosts, to complement your strengths and expose the weaknesses of your enemies. The right Boost combination can turn the tide of most battles!While you are taking a rest from the field of battle, you can trade at the Market or try your luck in the Tavern. You can play the game casually or immerse yourself in the tactical depth of its unique combat system so that one day you may become the most famous Legendary Hero! Conquer your enemies and earn your fortune!FEATURES:
• Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for Android
• Fight hosts of fantasy monsters to collect rewards and bounties
• Choose from 6 hero classes: Barbarian, Paladin, Ranger, Necromancer, Wizard and Rogue
• Gain experience, fame and treasures from battles to strengthen your hero
• 48 unique Boosts available for heroes to equip
• Combine equipped Boosts in different ways for limitless tactical possibilities
• Rise up through 9 Ranks as your hero becomes more famous – from Adventurer to Legendary Hero
• Play with your friends in your own Guild
• Interact with other players via messages or even by placing bounties on their heads
• Trade Boosts or premium items at the Market
• Try your luck in the Tavern for a chance to win free Boosts
Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wars-of-Fortune/114155398672197 and Twitter https://twitter.com/WarsOfFortune to get the latest updates about Wars of Fortune.*By installing this application, you agree to the Wars of Fortune End User License Agreement.
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Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Kids Activities and Games
Current Version : 2.0.1
Size : 3.1M
Reviews : 6.2
Installs : 37858
Google Play Link: Link
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