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Coin Dozer - Free Prizes

Description :

Download and play the original coin pusher game enjoyed by millions of people: Coin Dozer! The mania of addictive real-life coin games found at carnivals, the circus, and arcades is now available at your fingertips for all the prize and coin collecting fun! In Coin Dozer, you drop coins, shake the board, and raise the walls to collect lots of puzzle pieces, complete prize lines for bonuses, and climb to higher levels! Special coins will spawn along the way to help you win; don’t let them get away! Join the party and come push some coins!


- Addictive 3D gameplay will keep you coming back to drop and push more coins!
- Realistic physics that mimic your favorite carnival coin pusher; don’t forget to shake the board for that extra push!
- Use the Coin Walls to confidently funnel all the coins, prizes, and puzzle pieces into your collection bin!
- Drop a Giant Coin and watch everything on the board splash forward in a frenzy!
- Lots of other Special Coins with unique abilities making coin, prize, and puzzle collection dramatically exciting!
- Look out for the Mystery Box to drop on the board! Collect it for a special prize!
- Collect and complete all the many puzzles and prize lines for awesome rewards and game bonuses!
- All new casino themed “Chip Dozer” unlocks at level 25! A whole new world of puzzles, prizes, and a slot machine jackpot! Spin for your chance to win!

You’ll find yourself playing Coin Dozer everywhere you go; much like other Game Circus originals like Prize Claw and Paplinko! Bring your childhood carnival home with you and have a party on your phone or tablet with the original coin pusher game! Mania will ensue as your mission to complete all the collectibles intensifies! Head over to the casino machine to spin the slots and win the jackpot! Whatever your strategy, it all starts with downloading Coin Dozer and playing today!

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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-02-10
Developer : Game Circus LLC
Current Version : 16.4
Size : 43.0M
Reviews : 8.4
Installs : 14847
Google Play Link: Link
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