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Bocce Challenge Lite

Description :

The first ever bocce game for Android now has a Lite version! If you like bocce, you'll love Bocce Challenge! Play against your friends and family in two-player mode, or play against the challenging AI opponent by upgrading.Game features:
* Addictive replay value.
* One-player mode with AI opponent. -- Full version only!
* Two-player (same device)
* Highly responsive and intuitive controls for accurate aiming and shooting.
* Adjust AI difficulty and sound effects through the settings screen.You may also know bocce as patonk, bocci, or boules depending on where you are from. Whatever the name, it is great fun!You may also like this game if you are a fan of other casual family games like pool, billiards, shuffleboard, croquet, yard darts, darts, ping pong, or even tennis!NOTE: This games runs on Adobe AIR. AIR will automatically be installed for you when you install this game if you don't already have it.
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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Vic Games
Current Version : 1.05
Size : 559.1K
Reviews : 6.7
Installs : 15569
Google Play Link: Link
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