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Fashion Doll - Ice Ballet Girl

Description :

Most little girls dream of dancing a stunning ballet on the ice wearing a gorgeous costume, and now you’re the star of the ice show. Twirling and dancing like a ballerina on the ice!

Gliding on the ice as only a well-trained ice dancer can, you are the envy of everyone in the audience. Take a big breath because your night of fame is here. That can be a bit nerve-racking for anyone, so take a little time for yourself. Go to the spa for some really relaxing facial treatments that will get you looking your best. You want to shine bright on the stage, so put on some makeup with sparkles in it. There are so many costumes to choose from, and you can try them all!

How to Play:
• It’s opening night!
• Time to get ready
• Get pampering at the spa with facial treatments
• Put on your sparkly stage makeup to look amazing
• Dress up in a variety of fun costumes to find the perfect one
• Show Time! Let's dance!

Ice skating is an exciting sport, and you’ve always loved ice dancing. Before suiting up before your first big show, take some time to relax. Spa check. Makeup check. Costume check. Time to dazzle the crowd!

Download today to get teh dance started!

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