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Twins Tailor Designer Clothes

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Princess has baby boy twins she is worried about the upcoming festival as she hasn't shopped the clothes for her both kids.

As a kids tailor you will have the responsibility of running the factory and monitoring the throughout progress of clothes making from designing to sewing in the tailor boutique.
First of all you have got to collect the cotton from the village take the tractor or car to the farm, pick the cotton and drag it into the basket placed right onto the top of car. You will see all lots for farmer working over there without disturbing them collect the cotton for factory to start the process of cloth making.
Drag the cotton at the specified place in the machines, you will be processing the cotton in first two machines after that when you will pass the cotton through third machine the cloth will come out, check the quality of cloth, you may not want to offend princess, make sure the quality is good.
Now you will have to choose the color for the cloth to be dyed. Pass the cloth through dresses pressing machine and remove the wrinkles.
In selection scene select one of the kids, to take measurement, take the factory made cloth to the fashion tailor boutique for sewing stitching and ironing clothes. Use spray to numb the cloth,grab the iron and start ironing dresses.

From now on tailor will cut the clothes as per the kids measurement. Leftover clothes pieces will be taken to the recycle bin to keep the designers boutique neat and clean.

You will be sewing and stitching shirts & pents of twins. Don't forget to match the color of thread with the cloth's color.

Fun part starts now, it's time to do some shopping from the designer shop, besides dress up the kids with customized clothes you will choosing glasses,hats & shoes.

Princess little kids are ready for the festival hope princess will be happy.

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