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Spelling Beast Kids Learning

Description :

Help your kid learn while playing. Equipped with over 3,000 words fun filled game environment. Kids learn spellings while they treat the monsters who have lost some teeth.

Add in multiple kids and create custom levels that suit your kids special requirments. Its an enjoyable educational experience for chidlren from grade 1 to 5.

What if I tell you that your concern will be no more there about your kid who is week at spelling mistakes? Yes you’ve read it right. We have made a words learning game through which you can help your child polish their spelling skills and enhance their vocabulary whiel playign a simple game.

You can see the game play at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agGqE-gqNBs

Let see what this game aims at

1- It is a big help, for both the parents and teachers, to help their kids learn the spellings quickly.
2- Parent/Teacher can create custom word Levels which further help the spelling learning process targeted for their kids.
3- Teachers can view the progress of their students. The report tells about the spelling mistakes and the correct word answers of the kids.
4- You can also save the learning progress of your child.

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● This app does not share any user's personal information.
● This app does not contain ads.
● This app does not contain social networks integration.
● This app contains "Help" and "Rate This App" external links on a separate web pages.
● The links are in "Parent Zone" which is protected by a simple task explained in a popup to prevent kids from going to the "Parent Zone".

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Video :

Spelling-Beast-Kids-LearningSpelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 1Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 2Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 3Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 4Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 5Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 6Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 7Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 8Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 9Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 10Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 11Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 12Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 13Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 14Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 15Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 16Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 17Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 18Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 19Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 20Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 21Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 22Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 23Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 24Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 25Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 26Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 27Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 28Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 29Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 30Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 31Spelling-Beast-Kids-Learning 32

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-02-10
Developer : PYNTAIL
Current Version : 1.01
Size : 47.8M
Reviews : 8.1
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