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Brokerage Calculator

Description :

Version 1.1:
Per order brokerage calculation is introduced. Per order charges should be mentioned in the settings tab as per the users broker.
Few calculation bug fixes has been done for percentage order brokerage calculations.
Elegant material design user interface has been introduced in the newer version.

Version 1.0:
This is an app to calculate brokerage for intraday and delivery in stock market. Based on the broker, individual can fill all the charges & taxes included in the settings tab which will be used for brokerage calculation. It is very simple to use.
It is also used for calculating how many shares an individual can buy based on the limit available with in the account and margin provided by broker.
Example :
If an individual has 5000 rupees in his account and his broker provides ten times margin which means individual can invest for 50000 rupees(5000*10). Based on the stock price provided, calculator will show you how many shares can be bought.
If xyz stock price is 1000. individual will be able to buy 50 shares of this stock.

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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Rohit P
Current Version : 1.1
Size : 3.8M
Reviews : 8.4
Installs : 16115
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