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Kinomap Trainer

Description :

Make the most of home trainer. Just choose among the geolocated videos from Kinomap and train! Watch your icon moving on the map and on the elevation line: your goal is to follow the rhythm of the original video.

The motor of the machine will automatically change the resistance according to the elevation profile of the route. This way your training will be 100% realistic in the comfort and safety of your home.

You can also contribute to add your own videos, shot either:
- with the free application Kinomap Maker
- with a GPS camera
- with your usual camera and a GPS logger*

What it does:
- support for the Wahoo Fitness KICKR, RacerMate Computrainer, Elite Qubo (ANT enabled device required or usb dongle), speed/cadence sensors
- access to all Kinomap cycling videos posted by other users
- select by popularity, duration, positive slope, etc
- 4 panels: video / map / elevation profile / dashboard
- view your instant power, speed, slope, distance, time
- easy setup in the profiles menu
- optimized for an external display: if you have a Google Chromecast or a MHL/HDMI adapter, transfer the video, the elevation profile and dashboard to your screen and maximize the space for the map
- log your trainings

What it does NOT yet:
- export your trainings to popular online platforms
- multiplayer mode
- local download of videos for offline use
- support Powerbeam trainer, Arion Digital
- support additional sensors such as heart rate monitor

- a monthly subscription to Kinomap Trainer from the Kinomap website or via an activation code

* See website to learn more about Shooting and uploading geolocated videos

Kinomap-TrainerKinomap-Trainer 1Kinomap-Trainer 2Kinomap-Trainer 3Kinomap-Trainer 4Kinomap-Trainer 5Kinomap-Trainer 6Kinomap-Trainer 7Kinomap-Trainer 8Kinomap-Trainer 9Kinomap-Trainer 10Kinomap-Trainer 11Kinomap-Trainer 12Kinomap-Trainer 13Kinomap-Trainer 14Kinomap-Trainer 15Kinomap-Trainer 16Kinomap-Trainer 17Kinomap-Trainer 18Kinomap-Trainer 19Kinomap-Trainer 20Kinomap-Trainer 21Kinomap-Trainer 22Kinomap-Trainer 23Kinomap-Trainer 24Kinomap-Trainer 25Kinomap-Trainer 26Kinomap-Trainer 27Kinomap-Trainer 28Kinomap-Trainer 29Kinomap-Trainer 30Kinomap-Trainer 31Kinomap-Trainer 32Kinomap-Trainer 33Kinomap-Trainer 34Kinomap-Trainer 35Kinomap-Trainer 36Kinomap-Trainer 37Kinomap-Trainer 38

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-09
Developer : Kinomap
Current Version : 3.0.5
Size : 14.4M
Reviews : 4.8
Installs : 34523
Google Play Link: Link
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