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As most of us who have hailed from India and settled in a foreign land, we miss our tradition and the fun of watching South Indian movies which was part of our culture we grew up with. With limited choices, due to our passion, we have been watching movies from different sites even when the quality of these movies are very poor (with annoying number of ads, inappropriate videos popping out. Needless to say, most of these sites are streaming movies illegally (pirated versions). We really felt like we were watching something that weren't supposed to be watched.

Video :

TentkottaTentkotta 1Tentkotta 2Tentkotta 3Tentkotta 4Tentkotta 5Tentkotta 6Tentkotta 7Tentkotta 8Tentkotta 9Tentkotta 10Tentkotta 11Tentkotta 12Tentkotta 13Tentkotta 14Tentkotta 15Tentkotta 16Tentkotta 17Tentkotta 18Tentkotta 19Tentkotta 20Tentkotta 21Tentkotta 22Tentkotta 23Tentkotta 24Tentkotta 25Tentkotta 26Tentkotta 27Tentkotta 28Tentkotta 29Tentkotta 30

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Updated : 2017-05-09
Developer : Tentkotta
Current Version : 1.86
Size : 7.7M
Reviews : 6.3
Installs : 28325
Google Play Link: Link

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