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HELLEAR - Perfect Pitch Game

Description :

Challenge guitarist's hearing in all over the world!!

This is an ultimate guitar sound game perfect venue for sound training!

Produced by Shinichi Kobayashi, AKA Star of Seven Strings, and a provider of songs to GuitarFreaks and DEEMO!

Make out his phrase from HELL!

[How to Play]
1. Choose Play mode and check the sound after fingerboard has been set up!
2. Tap each frets to check the sound. Fingerboard position will changed by phrase.
3. After the sound check, tap Play button and listen to the phrase!
4.Identify the sounds correctly and tap your answer.

[Game Mode Introduction]
Beat phrases by Turn mode.
Life will decrease when you miss tap.
Choose the correct sound before Life gets 0!
Let’s play first 3 levels "EASY" "NORMAL" "HARD"!
You can play ultimate "HELL" level after reaching Stage 6 with all levels!

3 phrases are chosen in Score mode at randomly.
This mode has no life but can not make a combo when you miss it!
Chain your combo and aim at high score!
Compete with users across the world with your score!
It will be released when you reach Stage 6 in each level in PHRASE mode!

Enables to play with effortless abandon.
Play for training sound memorization or solo performance!

[Description of Functions]
◆ Score Ranking
Installed in MEGAMIX mode.
Enables to compete with users across the world without registration.
Tap Clown mark on the menu to check your ranking!

◆ Recording Your Play
Easy to record and share your play videos.
You can share variety of SNS as Twitter, YouTube and others!
Also you can check play video by other users from all over the world!

[About Shinichi Kobayashi AKA Star of Seven Strings]
Started his career when he provided the guitar sounds to jingles, compositions/arrangements, transcriptions and more for TVs and CMs in 90s'.
Provided many songs for "GuitarFreeks" by Konami and Big hit game app "DEEMO".
Supported the development of 7strings guitar as a monitor of ESP・SCHECTER guitar when he was in heavy rock band named "R-ONE"
Wrote "Guitar Training Songs from Heaven", "Mechanical Training Phrase from HELL" and many other graduses, and appears regularly in a number of guitar publications.
Gives gigs and tours in China, Taiwan, Korea, Mexico and other countries, maintaining energetic activities outside Japan as well.

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