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The Piano Memory Game

Description :

Learn to remember piano notes while having fun playing a game!
The game is designed to exercise your memory by playing random sequences of piano notes for you to repeat and to try to beat your own high score. This will help you learn the notes and expand your piano memory.

Repeat the randomly generated pattern the piano plays.
The piano will play one note, then you should repeat that note. The piano will then play the first note and a second note. Then you should play both of those notes in the same order. The piano will continue to add one note to the sequence each time you repeat the pattern successfully.

Press the options button if you would like to have the piano speak the notes to you or remove the speed increase.

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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : ButtonBeats
Current Version : Remember
Size : 12.3M
Reviews : 8.5
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