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Candy Bonbon Live Wallpaper

Description :

Bonbon live wallpaper lets you add a layer of sweet bonbons to your home screen. If you love candy, then check out this LWP and the included features:

- 36 bonbons made from different shapes and colors. Size, quantity, and speed can be modified in the options menu (Settings -> Item Selection).

- Several included wallpapers and the capability to use photographs as backgrounds (Settings -> Background Selection -> Use Saved Photo).

- Swiping moves your wallpaper/photo and clicking consumes the bonbons.

- Bonbon movements are controlled through by the accelerometer and your choice of direction (Settings -> Misc. Settings).

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Candy-Bonbon-Live-WallpaperCandy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 1Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 2Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 3Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 4Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 5Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 6Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 7Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 8Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 9Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 10Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 11Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 12Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 13Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 14Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 15Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 16Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 17Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 18Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 19Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 20Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 21Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 22Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 23Candy-Bonbon-Live-Wallpaper 24

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-10
Developer : Free World Apps
Current Version : v2.0
Size : 4.6M
Reviews : 10
Installs : 15325
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