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Description :

What can Photomod do for you?
Photomod is a simple tools, easy to use, you can do :
>browse the phone image, only JPEG file supported so far;
>check the EXIF info which embedded in photo file;
>clear partial EXIF info from the file, specifically, the GPS geolocation,device model,etc;
>resize the photo resolution, like make 1/2 of original size;
>add your photo to Android photo gallery, so other application can see it;
>delete the file

There are so many image editor software, Why you make this simple one?

I like android, but the camera makes big photo, for most of website or application, I need to resize it before upload, to save time or bandwidth.

And, sometimes, I copy some photos from PC to my cell phone, but they are not available for other apps, they are not show up on Gallery

Yes, there are lots of image editor in Market which can do the jobs, but I just need a simple tool, fast enough, quick enough to do my simple job, most importantly, I need to do that in batch, it should allow me select multiple files then one click, done. So that's the reason I make such simple utility.

If can you add one more function or feature , like this XXXX..?
Yes, pls drop me a line I will consider on it. Thanks.

Hey I found a bug , can you fix it?
YES, I would like to know any bug you found.
Please open photomod, click the question mark on top right, then click button "Send Email"

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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Muwei LI
Current Version : 1.03
Size : 494.3K
Reviews : 5
Installs : 33190
Google Play Link: Link

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