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Guess what? Flowers

Description :

"Guess what?" is a series of apps with riddles which test your knowledge. Our apps can help learn while having fun!
In the app "Guess what? Flowers" you'll find photos of various flowers and letters under each of them. Use the letters to form the name of a particular flower. If this is too complicated, you may use the hint which can be found under A+. Each solved riddle gives you points. Collect as many as you can and then share your score with friends on Facebook!
- points awarded for each solved riddle
- hints on demand
- multiple excting levels
- publishing scores on Facebook
- three language versions: Polish, Russian and English
Guess-what-FlowersGuess-what-Flowers 1Guess-what-Flowers 2Guess-what-Flowers 3Guess-what-Flowers 4Guess-what-Flowers 5Guess-what-Flowers 6Guess-what-Flowers 7Guess-what-Flowers 8Guess-what-Flowers 9Guess-what-Flowers 10Guess-what-Flowers 11Guess-what-Flowers 12Guess-what-Flowers 13Guess-what-Flowers 14Guess-what-Flowers 15Guess-what-Flowers 16Guess-what-Flowers 17Guess-what-Flowers 18Guess-what-Flowers 19Guess-what-Flowers 20

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : WaaWee
Current Version : 0.1.8
Size : 16.3M
Reviews : 6.2
Installs : 28556
Google Play Link: Link
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