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City Crime Gangster Driving 3D

Description :

Action Car Driving game, City Crime Gangster Driving 3D, puts you in the driving seat of this exciting street gangster sim car game. Rise through the ranks of your crew as you stop other gangster from taking over your turf, perform drive-by car chases to take them out, help your crew whilst they shoot out of the window. Watch out for all of the rival gangs like The Yakuza, The Latin Kings, The Bloods, and The Crips!


- Amazingly detailed 3D sports cars, ready to unlock, ready for you to customize!
- Massive Open World City Environment
- Immersive gripping story, simulating a gangster's life and the thrills they go through
- Realistic car driving and damage physics
- Arsenal of gangster guns and weapons, wield the best firearm to take out enemy gangsters
- 20 Action Packed gangster drive-by driving Missions, All Unlocked for Free!

City Crime Gangster Driving 3D brings you 20 action-packed gangster simulation missions. You're the latest crew member of the biggest gang in the city and with your highly talked about street racing skills you will start being the wheel man for the crew.

Carry out tasks for the crew through the game and drive other crew members to do jobs,like ramming into enemy gang vehicles, driving at super fast speed, using super-powerful weapons to take them out, and so much more!

Are you looking to join the toughest crew in the city and rule it's streets? Jump into an action-packed adventure playing as the crew's wheel man and assist other crew members protecting your turf? Get ready and pick up the controller and become the best gangster crew driver in City Crime Gangster Driving 3D!

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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : i6 Games
Current Version : 1.00
Size : 39.6M
Reviews : 6.3
Installs : 24698
Google Play Link: Link
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