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Skater Mutant Turtle

Description :

* Enthralling gameplay: a turtle - your racer!
* High-speed, fatally dangerous stunts!
* Tasty reward for endurance - pizzas!
Get incredibly thrills! Take part in a race! Super hardy turtle will not let you don't win! Beat records! Be ready to wild races with a turtle! You are waiting for racing tests and extreme thrills!
Skater-Mutant-TurtleSkater-Mutant-Turtle 1Skater-Mutant-Turtle 2Skater-Mutant-Turtle 3Skater-Mutant-Turtle 4Skater-Mutant-Turtle 5Skater-Mutant-Turtle 6Skater-Mutant-Turtle 7Skater-Mutant-Turtle 8Skater-Mutant-Turtle 9Skater-Mutant-Turtle 10Skater-Mutant-Turtle 11Skater-Mutant-Turtle 12Skater-Mutant-Turtle 13Skater-Mutant-Turtle 14Skater-Mutant-Turtle 15Skater-Mutant-Turtle 16Skater-Mutant-Turtle 17Skater-Mutant-Turtle 18Skater-Mutant-Turtle 19Skater-Mutant-Turtle 20Skater-Mutant-Turtle 21Skater-Mutant-Turtle 22Skater-Mutant-Turtle 23Skater-Mutant-Turtle 24Skater-Mutant-Turtle 25Skater-Mutant-Turtle 26Skater-Mutant-Turtle 27Skater-Mutant-Turtle 28

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Spidy Gamer
Current Version : 1.12
Size : 25.8M
Reviews : 6.2
Installs : 24776
Google Play Link: Link
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