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SkidPad 3D Racing Lite

Description :

Expect a sizable update to the game soon! :)

Bored of just shifting gears in a drag racing game? Tired of turning the wheel all the time?
Try your hand at autocross :)

SkidPad is an autocross game with simple physics, challenging levels.

Navigate the course through all the checkpoints to the finish line as fast as you can.
Avoid hitting the cones as each hit will cost you extra time.
There are 17 challenging levels in this game. Complete all of them to become the SkidPad Champion!
Earn at least 2 stars in each level to unlock the next one.
There are 3 cars with varying performance in this game. Unlock cars with your achievements across the levels.

Lite version has a single car and 5 levels. Please try the full version to enjoy all the features :)

Video :

SkidPad-3D-Racing-LiteSkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 1SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 2SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 3SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 4SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 5SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 6SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 7SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 8SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 9SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 10SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 11SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 12SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 13SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 14SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 15SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 16SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 17SkidPad-3D-Racing-Lite 18

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-02-10
Developer : ShyamVenkyGames
Current Version :
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Reviews : 6.6
Installs : 24481
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