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Battle Camp

Description :


Dare to clash with rampaging dragons and fire-belching warthogs? Then join Battle Camp, a persistent virtual world filled with legendary monsters and ancient evils. To survive, train a fierce monster team and form a Troop with fellow Rangers. Then work together to crush raid bosses, wage Troop Wars and dominate in real-time PvP.

✔ Monster battling Puzzle MMO.
✔ Explore a LIVE Virtual World.
✔ Form a Troop with friends and other players.
✔ Crush the opposition in Troop Wars.
✔ Coordinate attacks in monthly Raid Events.
✔ Destroy rivals in Real-Time PvP Tournaments.
✔ Capture and raise over 1000+ monsters.
✔ Design your own unique avatar.

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Battle-CampBattle-Camp 1Battle-Camp 2Battle-Camp 3Battle-Camp 4Battle-Camp 5Battle-Camp 6Battle-Camp 7Battle-Camp 8Battle-Camp 9Battle-Camp 10Battle-Camp 11Battle-Camp 12Battle-Camp 13Battle-Camp 14Battle-Camp 15Battle-Camp 16Battle-Camp 17Battle-Camp 18Battle-Camp 19Battle-Camp 20Battle-Camp 21Battle-Camp 22Battle-Camp 23Battle-Camp 24Battle-Camp 25Battle-Camp 26Battle-Camp 27Battle-Camp 28Battle-Camp 29Battle-Camp 30Battle-Camp 31Battle-Camp 32Battle-Camp 33Battle-Camp 34Battle-Camp 35Battle-Camp 36Battle-Camp 37Battle-Camp 38Battle-Camp 39Battle-Camp 40

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Updated : 2017-02-10
Developer : PennyPop
Current Version : 1.1
Size : 15.8M
Reviews : 8.1
Installs : 30706
Google Play Link: Link
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