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Guardian Hunter: SuperBrawlRPG

Description :

Fun like you’ve ever known before!
Exciting new action in Guardian Hunter - Super Brawl RPG!
Explore Bellia in the new and improved Guardian Hunter!

▶ New Areas ◀
Mysterious ‘Astanian Temple’
The secret door is now open!
Explore Astanian Temple where you can meet new enemies and allies!

▶ Live co-op play ◀
Don’t play alone anymore!
Now you can play with more than just Guardians.
Visit Bellia with friends for live co-op play!

▶ Weapon Gem system ◀
Why am I stronger than you?
Because I have great gems on my equipment!
The gem system has been added to strengthen equipment!

▶ Guild War ◀
Decide the strongest guild now!
Participate in the Guild War to see which guild is the best
Raise your guild’s honor and reputation!

Lively action and adventure only the charming Guardians can show you!
Become a Hunter and participate in the Super Brawl now!

Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPGGuardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 1Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 2Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 3Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 4Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 5Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 6Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 7Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 8Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 9Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 10Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 11Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 12Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 13Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 14Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 15Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 16Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 17Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 18Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 19Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 20Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 21Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 22Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 23Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 24Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 25Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 26Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 27Guardian-Hunter-SuperBrawlRPG 28

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Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : NHN Entertainment Corp.
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Size : 43.4M
Reviews : 8.1
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