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Summoner's War Info Center

Description :

Summoner's War Info Center is created by two players of the game. The aim of this app is to allow all players to check information and guides in a convenient way!This app is originally in Chinese and is not COMPLETELY transferred in english, but the information and growth data is still available to use. We will try our best to transfer all the guides and information into English.Special Function:
1. Newest Official Announcement, Events and other Confirmed/Unconfirmed information.
2. Monster Gallery, include basic information, Monster Max. Lv. information in different star, rune suggestion and guides.
3. Cost-Profit of different missions.
4. Dungeons Guides (in progress)
5. Rune fundamental information, include +15 numbers and drop table
6. Rune Calculator, you don't need to waste money to try different rune anymore! also have a crit damage emulator.
7. Event Notification, you won't miss double xp / mana event anymore!
8. Team suggestion by different users, you can also submit yours!
9. Trivia - something you may not know about Summoner's War!
10. A nice and user-friendly User Interface.There are still some information is not confirmed. Please tell us if you find some of the information is wrong and we will fix it as soon as possible. You could also provide information we need (e.g. monster guide, dungeon guide, etc.) to us or directly support us by clicking advertisement or buy a support (USD 0.99)!If you want a web version, you can go to:
but web only support Chinese currently.Please leave us a comment if there are any function you would like to add or if you find a bug. We will reply you as soon as possible! Thanks!
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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : EnD Dream Studio
Current Version : 1.07
Size : 3.0M
Reviews : 8.9
Installs : 17661
Google Play Link: Link

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