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Furious Sniper Hill Shooting

Description :

Its filled with madness and filled with action and this is Furious Sniper Hill Shooting game.
Furious Sniper Hill Shooting is a game of snipers that are angry with intruders. There is a fight to gain control over a mountain filled with precious stones so soldiers and sniper even fighters are shooting each other like in a real 3D movie.These snipers must act fast or else their territory will be gone and their government will be furious cause there were 12 of them and now down to 6 so this is their show down like its the game of fighting.
These shooters are not only fast but sharp to the last but they are mad and they are very furious cause these intruders have gunned 6 of their members so this is down to their last game.A huge mountain of task for these sniper to maintain control over their territory so killing and shooting is neccesary like in a 3D show stopper.Furious Sniper Hill Shooting is a game for anyone and everyone who loves blocks and puzzles.
Over the hillside and across the mountain a group of sniper are furiously shooting these intruders like in a 3D war game.
Furious Sniper Hill Shooting is a game of puzzles and memory games and block and videos of snipers for free.The more you play the better you will become at it. So keep on shooting the puzzles and arranging the blocks.
Enjoy playing with Furious Sniper Hill Shooting while its free.
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Updated : 2017-02-10
Developer : Playstudio Apes
Current Version : 1.0
Size : 9.1M
Reviews : 9
Installs : 24401
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