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Craft Button Dubstep 3D

Description :

Craft Button Dubstep 3D
Craft Button Dubstep 3D - This application is a game where you can feel in the role of the DJ! Make music in the room unit crafting!
Love the beautiful and high quality dubstep or another popular trend in electronic music? Like no ordinary game Dubstep? Want to be original and modern DJ! The interface is very simple and beautiful! Amaze your friends, show them your Dubstep Cube!
Arrange a real disco with friends! Record your track and show friends and family!
Appeal to all to please loved ones!
This game is a joke created for entertainment and raffle, as well as fun!
Thank you for playing our games and applications, leave us your feedback and we will make them even better!
Craft-Button-Dubstep-3DCraft-Button-Dubstep-3D 1Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 2Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 3Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 4Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 5Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 6Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 7Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 8Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 9Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 10Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 11Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 12Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 13Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 14Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 15Craft-Button-Dubstep-3D 16

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : iApps And iGames
Current Version : 1.0
Size : 12.5M
Reviews : 6.5
Installs : 29089
Google Play Link: Link
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