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Fireworks Bang Simulator

Description :

Fireworks Bang Simulator
Fireworks explosion simulator - it's not just a game it's Christmas mood! We all remember our favorite firecrackers and fireworks of identities! Think like a child you loved to scare passers-by explosions, throw their feet.
Love exploding fireworks in the form of bombs and firecrackers? Scare friends and animals? Then download our game you will not regret!
Huge selection of explosive pyrotechnics! From the smallest to large firecrackers Fireworks! There is also a tape firecrackers! Even more explosions and fun time in the new 2016!
Strong explosions and sounds will leave no one indifferent either! Light the wick in the game and throw it to another phone when the fuse burns out will be a strong explosion and it scared! Afraid to buy firecrackers child? Then download our app and give the phone a child, and you will see how it plays with them with the same pleasure as a real, real!
Make Christmas Merry Christmas yourself and your friends!
ATTENTION! The game is created just for fun! The application is not at risk and is completely safe! The game is a joke created for informative purposes! With this application you can listen to the sound and do not hurt yourself and loved ones!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thank you for playing with us, leave us your feedback and we will do our game even more interesting with the update!
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Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Smile Apps And Games
Current Version : 1.5
Size : 25.4M
Reviews : 9
Installs : 13441
Google Play Link: Link
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