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SWAT Army City Hero

Description :

You are a soldier and an elite army officer and your city is under attack. You have been called to become the city hero and save the citizens from being attacked by terrorists. The police force tried to stop the criminals from taking over but it was too much for them to handle and you have been called in to save the people from terrorists. Get ready to kill the terrorists and drive away to your next mission.Your mission is to kill all the terrorists and save the city. Kill them and drive away in style in your fast fancy car to your next mission. In this SWAT Army City Hero, you have to keep the streets clean and finish off all the terrorist and drive away in your car. Each level gets more difficult than the next. Shoot the terrorists with your sniper, kill them all and drive away in your many cars as fast as you can to stop further attacks and move on to your next mission.Key Features:
- 10 exciting and challenging sniper and car levels
- Save the citizens and kill the terrorists with your sniper shooting skills
- Prove your car driving skills when driving awayDownload and Enjoy SWAT Army City Hero!!
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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : ScrewdriverStudios
Current Version : 1.0.3
Size : 41.5M
Reviews : 8.4
Installs : 33554
Google Play Link: Link
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