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KDO Vastipatrak

Description :

This app is for accessing Kutchi Dasa Oswal Jain Gnati Vastipatrak. The Vastipatrak connects all members of community with family relations in a giant community wide Family Tree. Currently we have over 50,000 members including our ancestors connected in a single Family Tree. With version 2.0 onward you can receive community messages on KDO Vastipatrak app.
KDO-VastipatrakKDO-Vastipatrak 1KDO-Vastipatrak 2KDO-Vastipatrak 3KDO-Vastipatrak 4KDO-Vastipatrak 5KDO-Vastipatrak 6KDO-Vastipatrak 7KDO-Vastipatrak 8KDO-Vastipatrak 9KDO-Vastipatrak 10KDO-Vastipatrak 11KDO-Vastipatrak 12KDO-Vastipatrak 13KDO-Vastipatrak 14

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-02-10
Developer : CommuTree
Current Version : 4.5
Size : 311.1K
Reviews : 8.3
Installs : 23270
Google Play Link: Link

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