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Description :

PokTaPok is a third person Arcade/Sports game, set in the ancient Mesoamerican cities where the great prehispanic cultures thrived. The strongest warriors would participate in great ball game tournaments as a demonstration of devotion to their gods.

Vanquishing one’s opponent is literally a matter of life and death and playing the game is no easy fit. The players can only use their forearms and hips to hit the ball and attempt to pass it through the rings on the sides of the court so as to gain an overwhelming advantage over the opponent.

Play in any of the 3D scenarios that feature ancient cities and temples that appear as they did in pre-Columbian America. Play as the great warriors of the ancient Mesoamerican empires like the Maya and Aztecs.

Purchase the full version and challenge the god of water Tlaloc in the heavens and the Lord of Death Xolotl in the underworld.


- Incredible 3D Graphics
- Choice amongst warriors and gods characters with different attributes.
- Assisted control mode on easy level.
- Accessible experience for every player

PokTaPokPokTaPok 1PokTaPok 2PokTaPok 3PokTaPok 4PokTaPok 5PokTaPok 6PokTaPok 7PokTaPok 8PokTaPok 9PokTaPok 10PokTaPok 11PokTaPok 12PokTaPok 13PokTaPok 14PokTaPok 15PokTaPok 16

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Locomocion Animaciones S.A. de C.V.
Current Version : 2.0.6
Size : 47.7M
Reviews : 8.4
Installs : 24785
Google Play Link: Link

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