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Touchgrind BMX

Description :

Become a BMX pro and perform spectacular tricks in breathtaking locations all over the world. Just like in real BMX or finger BMX, Touchgrind BMX is a game of skill that takes a few minutes to understand but a lifetime to master. Learn the tricks, complete challenges, and unlock new locations and bikes. The innovative finger controls together with real physics simulation let you pull off tricks like flips, barspins, 360s, tailwhips - Your skill and imagination set the limit! Get a maximized experience with a real BMX feeling on your Android device!

• True physics
• Stunning 3D graphics and realistic sound
• The Touchgrind controls
• Many unlockable bikes and locations(The Docks and 3 bikes for free)
• Trick name detection
• Watch replays

Video :

Touchgrind-BMXTouchgrind-BMX 1Touchgrind-BMX 2Touchgrind-BMX 3Touchgrind-BMX 4Touchgrind-BMX 5Touchgrind-BMX 6Touchgrind-BMX 7Touchgrind-BMX 8Touchgrind-BMX 9Touchgrind-BMX 10Touchgrind-BMX 11Touchgrind-BMX 12Touchgrind-BMX 13Touchgrind-BMX 14Touchgrind-BMX 15Touchgrind-BMX 16Touchgrind-BMX 17Touchgrind-BMX 18

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-02-10
Developer : Illusion Labs
Current Version : 1.26
Size : 108.8M
Reviews : 8.4
Installs : 21778
Google Play Link: Link
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