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Game of War - Fire Age

Description :

Don’t miss your chance to become legendary!

Lead massive armies into epic battles against dragons, monsters, and players from around the globe in the most addicting, interactive strategy game! Are you ready for an action-packed adventure?

✔ Build & customize your very own Empire
✔ Choose your role! Are you a builder? A soldier? A leader? You decide.
✔ Train, level-up, and deck out your Heroes
✔ Craft legendary weapons to rise above the competition
✔ Train vast armies to lead into action packed battles on the stunning World Map
✔ Play & chat with millions of online players worldwide in 32 different languages – all in real-time
✔ Forge alliances with players to conquer enemies & become the most powerful Alliance in the Kingdom!
✔ Conquer the Wonder to become the almighty Emperor!
✔ Use your power to give special titles to your friends & enemies in the Kingdom!

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Game-of-War-Fire-AgeGame-of-War-Fire-Age 1Game-of-War-Fire-Age 2Game-of-War-Fire-Age 3Game-of-War-Fire-Age 4Game-of-War-Fire-Age 5Game-of-War-Fire-Age 6Game-of-War-Fire-Age 7Game-of-War-Fire-Age 8Game-of-War-Fire-Age 9Game-of-War-Fire-Age 10Game-of-War-Fire-Age 11Game-of-War-Fire-Age 12Game-of-War-Fire-Age 13Game-of-War-Fire-Age 14Game-of-War-Fire-Age 15Game-of-War-Fire-Age 16Game-of-War-Fire-Age 17Game-of-War-Fire-Age 18Game-of-War-Fire-Age 19Game-of-War-Fire-Age 20Game-of-War-Fire-Age 21Game-of-War-Fire-Age 22Game-of-War-Fire-Age 23Game-of-War-Fire-Age 24Game-of-War-Fire-Age 25Game-of-War-Fire-Age 26Game-of-War-Fire-Age 27Game-of-War-Fire-Age 28Game-of-War-Fire-Age 29Game-of-War-Fire-Age 30Game-of-War-Fire-Age 31Game-of-War-Fire-Age 32Game-of-War-Fire-Age 33Game-of-War-Fire-Age 34

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Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Machine Zone, Inc.
Current Version : 3.21.530
Size : 40.3M
Reviews : 6.5
Installs : 28273
Google Play Link: Link
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