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Gold of the Pirates

Description :

You are a Hunter on the sea. Your challenge explore the worlds, find the wooden boxes on the water and find the pirates and shot and destroy the all ships. You can collet coins from the wooden boxes, pirate ships and guard towers. You can upgrade your ship with every 1000 coins. Collect more and more coins and upgrade your speed, steering, armor, range and damage.

6 different pirate ship
6 different guard tower
3 different world setup
80 unique levels
Player ship upgrade

Have a good battle!

Gold-of-the-PiratesGold-of-the-Pirates 1Gold-of-the-Pirates 2Gold-of-the-Pirates 3Gold-of-the-Pirates 4Gold-of-the-Pirates 5Gold-of-the-Pirates 6Gold-of-the-Pirates 7Gold-of-the-Pirates 8Gold-of-the-Pirates 9Gold-of-the-Pirates 10Gold-of-the-Pirates 11Gold-of-the-Pirates 12Gold-of-the-Pirates 13Gold-of-the-Pirates 14Gold-of-the-Pirates 15Gold-of-the-Pirates 16Gold-of-the-Pirates 17Gold-of-the-Pirates 18Gold-of-the-Pirates 19Gold-of-the-Pirates 20Gold-of-the-Pirates 21Gold-of-the-Pirates 22Gold-of-the-Pirates 23Gold-of-the-Pirates 24Gold-of-the-Pirates 25Gold-of-the-Pirates 26Gold-of-the-Pirates 27Gold-of-the-Pirates 28

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Ragdoll Game Studio
Current Version : 1.0.2
Size : 48.3M
Reviews : 6.2
Installs : 34215
Google Play Link: Link
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